“Killer stuff! Sounds huge! ” Paul Yee, Engineer/Producer/Musician, Stereobus Recording


“Spectacular production. Breathtaking!” Michael Gillespie 


“The album was always world class, but the restoration is beautiful. I was literally overcome. The album is sooooo good!!!.” Laurie Mackenzie


“What an amazing band!!! Well done.”   Gord Osland


“BRAVO!, Stellar Sound, Unbelievable Voice, Heartfelt Lyrics. Wonderful Memories.”  LA


“Bob’s voice riding on top of these amazing pieces of music. Great playing Glen,Danny,Greg,Steve,Brian and Bob. Sounds great Glenn A. A Gem!.”   Sandy Chochinov


“I do a lot of listening and am somewhat of an audiophile and the album I heard is as good and generally better than some very highly regarded current “audiophile” quality pop albums.”   Greg Black.


“One of Canada truly best musical units.”   Daniel Joseph Casavant


“Spent many an enjoyable and very late night at Roade Recording with these fine musicians. Ahead of the curve, inventive and definitely worth listening to.”   Howard Gurevich


“I’m loving the sound production and it’s such a thrill to hear these wonderful songs again.”,   Terry Read


“It is a very interesting and bold collection of music.”   Danny Pelfry


“Sounds fabulous! I’m hearing stuff in the tracks I didn’t even know where there!”   Steve Hegyi​